Calcium carbonate or calcite (CaCO3) is a type of largely crystallized, fragile and transparent marble with a specific gravity of 2.6-2.8 and hardness scale of 3 Mohs.

After being rendered to micron size by grinding, calcite is one of the basic and essential raw materials used in many sectors including paint, paper, plastic (PVC pipes, profiles, panels, etc.), cable, construction (plaster, paste, grouting, gypsum plaster making, glues), food, ceramic and pharma industries. Calcite is a raw material which is commonly used due to its whitening properties, low price and other qualifications.

In a similar vein, 25-30% of calcite is used in water based paint systems of interior and exterior paints in painting industry and thus costs are reduced due to decline in titanium dioxide consumption.

As the auxiliary and most common raw material used in many industrial fields, calcite alleviates use of other precious raw materials with similar properties, including highly expensive pigments like titanium dioxide. Therefore, it offers a very high economic value.  Furthermore, calcite is used in many countries to enrich soil and reduce the acidity of polluted lakes.

  • Kalsit-Calcite
  • Kalsit-Calcite

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